macOS Big Sur Beta

Quick impression on one of macOS’s most promising updates in years.

macOS Big Sur Beta

I’ve been exploring the Big Sur beta in a virtual machine for about a week now, and although the features are nice, the thing I was most curious about was the new design. I must say, it is quite nice.

When macOS Yosemite came out in 2014, many quickly grew accustomed to the new design and felt that Mavericks looked dated. Personally, I always thought of the pre-Yosemite design language to be like coming home. It’s unique, fun, and familiar.

Goodbye circular icons, hello superellipse.

That’s what Big Sur feels like. macOS feels like it’s coming home. It’s obviously not perfect, but on a UI front, it’s headed in the right direction. Last night I fired off the virtual machine and was greeted by my Catalina desktop.

Catalina looks dated. ■