Black Lives Matter

Thoughts on recent events in our country and our broken leadership.

Black Lives Matter

I have been somewhat quiet over social media as I have tried to process the sadness and anger I am feeling over the injustices that are sweeping across our country, as well as the horrifying response from our government and police to perfectly just and legal protests. The murder of George Floyd was horrifying and despicable. While I am pleased to finally see the arrest of the officers involved (won’t honor them with names), America needs to do better. The police need to do better. Our PRESIDENT needs to do better. We need to hold people accountable for misdeeds and racism.

I cover design and tech, so I don’t usually speak on these topics (and quite honestly haven’t been sure what I would be able to add to the conversation), but it’s 2020. We’ve had so many advances in our history, but why hasn’t the human race advanced past racism and prejudice?

Not only is it deplorable that the U.S. is still filled with racist and morally-wrong individuals, but our own president also refuses to denounce such behavior and simply seems more interested in assaulting protesters and dividing our country. What is currently unfolding across this nation makes me furious. It should make everyone furious. And it’s not just George Floyd. Several black Americans have been killed senselessly for simply “living their life while black”, and many of the killers are still roaming free.

As I mentioned, I have struggled with thinking about how to do my part in all of this, and I haven’t been quite able to put into words how disgusted I’ve been at our country, the crooked police, and the privilege that is held by non-POC individuals. More than ever, this is a time to support the black community, and black-owned businesses and get out there to protest the injustices of our police system. To the white people in this country (as I am), if you haven’t already, it is important to wake up and realize that it is not enough just to not be racist. You need to be anti-racist.

Thrillist has an excellent page on ways you can get involved, such as organizations, places to donate, as well as local black businesses to shop and support. ■

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